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Cold Zero The combination of elements from several different genres action, strategy, and role playing works to keep things interesting in Cold Zero. An intriguing blend of action, real time strategy, and role-playing elements, JoWood's isometric third-person shooter Cold Zero: No Mercy superficially resembles games like X-COM and Jagged Alliance and is an often trigger-happy journey through the trials and tribulations of a hired mercenary. 
The game is violent, challenging, alternately thoughtful and fast-paced, and at times highly addictive. However, it's hampered by problematic camera controls and some other shortcomings, as well as action that can be overly difficult and repetitive. McAffrey's new business is suffering mightily from his past indiscretion, and he soon finds himself flat-out broke and forced into working for a purported Mafia kingpin. He does not fight the law--in fact, McAffrey begins the game as an essentially decent sort who agrees to his current gig only under the threat of violence and because he believes he's battling other hoods. 
The game kicks off in McAffrey's new digs, a sorry tenement in an odd little neighborhood surrounded by gun shops, target ranges, bars, and pawnbrokers. You'll find yourself in a jungle one moment, a dilapidated mine shaft the next, and a big city soon thereafter. Each environment is attractively rendered, with believable lighting and tons of detail. Mostly People like this game. this create a lot of Fun. For Download this game from mediafire, pls click the Download Button Below.

Cold Zero Free Download PC Game Full Version

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