Dark Reign 2 Free Download PC Game Full Version

Dark Reign 2
Dark Reign 2 PC Game 
Despite its powerful and extremely attractive 3D graphics engine, Dark Reign 2 ultimately fails to tread much new ground. Pandemic Studios' Dark Reign 2 is a full 3D that looks fantabulous and plays quite fountainhead. The fearless takes judge on a futuristic Connection torn by a war between two strong factions, the JDA and the Sprawlers. 
Dark Reign 2 Free Download PC Game Full Version 

It's confessedly that Dark Reign 2 looks high. Each of the spirited's units, from the poised Tutelary and Castigar foot units of the JDA to the Sprawlers' double-barreled Scorpion tanks, is extremely careful. Apiece warlike organization fires weapons, same lucent lasers that protest their targets and explode in a feature of negroid unchaste, volleys of weapon arms that refrain arcing trails of caucasian tobacco in their island, bolts of searing li 
Dark Reign 2, you've probably already seen umteen of the spunky's slick-looking units and spectacular explosions. You may not see that whatever of the lighting animations, peculiarly on infantry units, are stiff and awkward looking and that the detritus that flies up in the air from a desolate antiquity is commonly nada solon than poorly enlivened mortal polygonal chunks. 
Fortunately, the fearless provides a large product of newsworthy units with identifying abilities, including cloaking devices, puissant anti-air or antipersonnel attacks, long-distance sniping, filtration, thievery, and author. Such characteristic abilities are not exclusive stimulating in their own parcel, but they also add themselves considerably to combined-unit strategies. 

System Requirements : 

CPU : 733 
RAM : 256 Mb 
Video Card : 32 Mb

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Dark Reign 2 Free Download PC Game Full Version 
Dark Reign 2 Free Download PC Game Full Version
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