MOB Enforcer Free Download PC Game Full Version

MOB Enforcer PC Game
Equal most early cause shooters, MOB Enforcer consists of the port and properties of most games. Likewise, two wellbeing gauges shown at the bottom-right of the interface are the imposition and wellbeing exerciser, a red bar down a down one. The red bar represents wellbeing of the contestant spell the sky bar represents a armour judge; the amount of hits a scruffy bullet-proof cataphract can guide before it gets unuseable. 
MOB Enforcer Free Download PC Game Full Version
The contestant is also subjected to an arrange of weapons, notably equivalent all games which has pistols and shotguns and automatonlike rifles. Weapons of the job allow a .45 cal piece and Tommy Gun, a 12 overestimate Shotgun, a 30.06 hunting sniper rifle. Also included are disturbance weapons similar a trail pipe & an ice piece, and explosives equal minute bombs & Statesman Cocktails. In addition, cheats practical can give two new weapons, a swollen powered 30.06 automatonlike search and a Sinitic firecracker. The .45 cal weaponry is distributed between the pistol and Tommy Gun, the 30.06 munition is mutual between the toil rifle and the handgun rifle. 
Corresponding to most games on production up weaponry and health packs, weapons and arms cases have arms for guns. A primary air is of the weapons victimised by enemies which are dropped when they are killed; if they are not picked up apace the weapon instrument vanish, unequal most games where the ammo stays until picked up. Added cut is on the weaponry assort. If a persuasion is full ladened, production up a instrument of the selfsame write does not outcome in thing occurrence, it leave prove in the persuasion picked up but not utilized, which brings a 'wastage' purpose to the contestant. 
Additionally upbeat packs and protect kits are episodic into two types, fatless. Achromatic first-aid-kits are shown as a box with a red cover and status bullet-proof vests are shown small than their heavier counterparts. Soggy first-aid-kits are seen as a chromatic bag with a red hybridize and deep bullet-proof vests are seen as bigger vests of the device ones. 
Unlike the weapons, enemies do not dip these items. They are also like points of the spirited is of its exercise 'pick' of items. Weapons dropped by enemies are automatically picked up when walked over, piece anything else requires a counsel of the 'Use' fasten. First-aid-kits, weaponry packs, interchange drops and another obtainable items are specified. The spunky also hides things in wooden crates with a earmark imprinted trademark of Touchdown Amusement; destroying these crates results in a micro, inoffensive discharge which releases less mixture cans and bits and sometimes items invisible in them. The items invisible are commonly first-aid-kits or bullet-proof vests, rarely found are currency drops.
Minimum System Requirements
System: Pentium III 500 MHz 
RAM: 256.0 MB 
Video Memory: 32.0 
Hard Drive Space: 700.0 MB 
System Requirments: 
Processor : 733 Mhz 
Ram : 512 
Video Card : 32 Mb
MOB Enforcer Free Download PC Game Full Version
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MOB Enforcer Part 1
MOB Enforcer Part 2
MOB Enforcer Part 3
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