The Typing of the Dead Free Download PC Game Full Version

The Typing of the Dead Free Download PC Game

The Typing of the Dead PC Game
The Typing of the Dead certainly looks dated, but it’s also surprisingly fun.
The Typing of the Dead is an offbeat first person puzzle action game for the PC that lets you fight hordes of gruesome zombies by quickly typing out words that appear onscreen. This unusual game actually has a history: It originally debuted on Sega’s Dreamcast console in 2000 and was itself a modified version of Sega’s previously released light-gun arcade game, The House of the Dead 2. The Typing of the Dead certainly looks dated, considering its age and the number of times it’s been ported onto different platforms, but it’s also surprisingly fun.
The Typing of the Dead Free Download PC Game Full Version
What other game lets you type zombies to death?
The Typing of the Dead’s “story,” such as it is, concerns a mad scientist’s attempt to create an army of zombies, led by a superzombie “emperor,” to rule the world. Only your character a special agent armed with a Dreamcast console and keyboard can stop him. That’s all you need to know about The Typing of the Dead’s story, because once you start playing, you’ll be too busy frantically typing away at zombies to care about anything else. Every time an enemy appears onscreen, it’s accompanied by a word or phrase that you must type in quickly and accurately to defeat it. This might not sound too interesting, but things can get very exciting when three or four angry zombies each bearing a long, challenging phrase suddenly leap out at you from all sides.
As with most light-gun games, The Typing of the Dead is played “on rails”–that is, you can’t actually move your character or choose where to go next; the game determines that. However, depending on how quickly you defeat your enemies, you may be able to rescue innocent bystanders, uncover bonus items, and choose alternate paths through a level, though you’ll always finish each level by fighting a powerful boss monster. These boss monsters will actually challenge you in a few interesting ways. For instance, one will force you to figure out and type in the correct answer to a simple question, while another will come barreling at you with a giant chainsaw and will strike you if you can’t type out a full sentence in time.
You can play through the game’s six stages either in arcade mode or in an alternate, original mode, which lets you unlock a few handy options, like starting new games with extra lives or with more “continues.” The game also features several other modes that let you square off against each of the boss monsters or sharpen your skills by testing your typing speed and accuracy, and you can unlock new modes as you complete each test.
The Typing of the Dead uses pretty much all the same monsters and levels from The House of the Dead 2, and unfortunately, it shows. The same graphics, environments, and special effects that may have seemed like the state of the art for an arcade game a few years ago now look flat, blocky, and pixelated by today’s standards. The Typing of the Dead runs at a fixed (and unimpressive) resolution of 640×480, which doesn’t do much to keep many of the game’s textures from looking blurry. And, in keeping with its horror theme, the game isn’t especially colorful: Most of the levels you’ll fight through are drab, broken-down buildings and sewers. However, the game itself runs briskly, even on low-end to mid-range machines, with absolutely no slowdown, and the zombies (and the heroes who fight them) are animated well and look about as good as they can, considering how blocky the game’s 3D models sometimes seem.
The Typing of the Dead Free Download PC Game Full Version
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The Typing of the Dead Free Download PC Game
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