Live Weather Watcher 7.1.69 + Patch Free Download

Weather Watcher Live 7.1.69 + Patch

Weather Watcher Live 7.1.69 + Patch
Quick Access 
You'll no longer have to visit various weather websites, open your newspaper, or wait for your local news station to discuss weather that is usually not so local to you. With a few clicks, you can quickly access a nearby weather station and see your local current conditions, forecasts, maps, and severe weather. 
  Live Weather Watcher 7.1.69 + Patch Free Download

Temperature Right Now 
Weather Watcher Live connects you to weather stations that are streaming temperature data in real time. View your local temperature (top number) and feels like temperature (bottom number) in the thermometer bulb. Watch the numbers update as the temperature changes at your selected weather station. Today's Weather Quickly plan your day with the overview of today’s weather. Need more detailed information? Then check out the daily and hourly weather forecasts. 
Radar Map 
The radar map image shows you when rain and snow are near. Click the image to view a larger, animated map. You can even change the map image from the SETTINGS at the bottom of the main Weather Watcher Live window. 
Severe Weather Alerts 
Stay safe with weather alerts from the National Weather Service. A red banner will appear whenever a severe weather alert has been issued for your area. The Weather Watcher Live system tray icon will also display a message and change colors to ensure you do not miss important severe weather alerts.
Detailed Severe Weather Info 
Click the red severe alert banner to view the complete weather alert as issued by the National Weather Service. 
Real Time Weather Gauges 
Watch the wind speed and wind direction change on the wind gauge as new wind data is recorded at your selected weather station. 
Today's Highs & Lows 
The bar graphs show the minimum, current and maximum weather data that was recorded at your selected weather station so far today. Watch the bar graphs update in real time as new weather data is recorded. 
Click and drag the slider to see the upcoming hourly forecast, daily forecast or moon phases. Double-click the slider to cycle through these various views. 
History, News & Photos 
See the bottom of the main Weather Watcher Live window for convenient access to your weather station's weather history, local weather news, weather photos, local weather cameras, and more. 
Hourly Forecast 
View the upcoming hourly forecast for the next several days. 
Daily Forecast 
View the 7-day forecast to get an idea of the type of weather that’s in store for the upcoming week. 
Access a variety of weather maps from the MAPS button at the top of the main Weather Watcher Live window. The default map list can be customized to show other maps that come packed with Weather Watcher Live, or add any map image (or other image) that can be linked to on the Internet. 
Desktop Magnets 
Stick map images, weather camera images, or any other type of image on top of your Windows desktop wallpaper. Watch the images change as they automatically update on your desktop. Right-click the Weather Watcher Live system tray icon and choose Create Desktop Magnet to start sticking. System Tray Icon Quickly view your local weather conditions by hovering your mouse over the Weather Watcher Live system tray icon. Click the icon to access the main Weather Watcher Live window. 
Tray Icon Colors 
The system tray icon can be customized to use the font and colors of your choice. Choose alternate colors to show when a severe alert is available for your area or when the temperature has reached the freezing point. 
Skin Settings 
Use the SETTINGS to modify the items in the main Weather Watcher Live window. You can choose a different map image, change the thermometer color, and more. 
Options Window 
While Weather Watcher Live is ready to use right out of the box, the Options window offers many more powerful features. More Weather Stations Get connected to NWS, WeatherBug and Weather Underground weather stations from all across the world. Weather Watcher Live has access to more weather stations than any other weather application on the Internet.
Favorite Weather Stations 
Keep a list of your favorite weather stations so you can quickly switch back and forth between them. Click the weather station name in the top, left corner of the main Weather Watcher Live window to access your weather station list. 
Icon Choices 
Choose from the many available icon styles to change the way the weather icons look throughout Weather Watcher Live. 
Conversion Options 
Mix and match the conversion settings to display the weather data in the format that works best for you. 
Installation Notes: 
1. Install Program, do not run. 
2. Copy and paste file from Patch folder into default installation directory. 
3. Run Patch and select "Patch" 
4. Enjoy.
 Live Weather Watcher 7.1.69 + Patch Free Download
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