Connectify Dispatch Incl. Hotspot Pro v4.0 Cracked Free Download

Connectify Dispatch Incl. Hotspot Pro v4.0
For the first time, you can connect to the coffee shop Wi-Fi and your 4G mobile device simultaneously, using both Internet connections for their combined speed, and increased reliability. With Connectify Dispatch, you can even use two different Wi-Fi networks at the same time. Just connect a secondary USB Wi-Fi card and Dispatch does the rest. 
Connectify Dispatch Incl. Hotspot Pro v4.0 Cracked Free Download

At the click-of-a-button, you'll be cruising the web at warp speed, using the combined throughput of both wireless networks. Even if you lose connectivity on one of those networks, Dispatch keeps you online, moving all of your traffic onto the working connection until both networks become available again. 
But thats only one scenario, with Dispatch you can connect to as many Internet connections as you have adapters for. Tethered smart phones, ethernet and wired connections, 3G and 4G mobile broadband adapters, Wi-Fi and MiFi – you name it, Dispatch can use it. The more connections you have, the faster you'll go.
Installing Instruction: 
  • install app 
  • copy cracked exe from cracked folder to install dir replace dispatch.dll in C:\Program Files\Connectify\plugins\dispatch replace connectify.exe in C:\Program Files\Connectify 
  • enjoy
Connectify Dispatch Incl. Hotspot Pro v4.0 Cracked Free Download

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