Space Rangers Free Download PC Game Full Version

Free Download Space Rangers PC Game
 Free Download  Space Rangers Full Version PC Game 
Space Rangers Space turn-based strategy, which was produced in 2002 by the Russian company Elemental Games. Distribution of the game was delivered by 1C. In the Czech Republic, the game was sold under the name "Space Cowboys." The plot of the game takes place in the distant future, around the year 3000, when humanity dominated technology of interstellar flight and got in touch with four other civilizations: Maloka, Peleng, and Fayeany Gaaliany. In the beginning not interrelationships of these civilizations too sympathetic, but eventually learned to get along and take joint decisions through "Galactic Council". After some time, suddenly there is a new race from unexplored areas of the galaxy and begin systematically manning systems in the community five races. 
Aliens termed Klissané get bloody conflict superiority and therefore the Community decides engage in combat units separate volunteers - Rangers, who are the only ones able to find and destroy the mother ship Klissanů. The player in the role of "Ranger" along with other volunteers, receives spacecraft equipment, he's assigned space sector in the communities in which they must complete missions that lead to the liberation of the occupied planets. Besides fighting Klissany, the player must also deal, complete assignments governments different worlds, fight with the pirates, gaining rewards, improve their basic skills and improve their spaceship.
Space Rangers Free Download PC Game Full Version
 Free Download Space Rangers
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