Siege of Avalon Anthology 2000 PC Game Free Download

Siege of Avalon Anthology 2000 PC Game Free Download
Publisher: Global Star Software 
Developer: Digital Tome 
Game Genre: RPG 
Graphics & Sound: Possibly the only good part of this game is the nicely presented 2D sprites. There are plenty of things that you can equip and each one shows up on your character. This allows for many NPCs to look unique and vibrant. The environments are not so good. The castle reminds me of a maze that they use to test rats in and the buildings and outside environments are not particularly pretty either. Sound effects are done nicely. The music that was done fits nicely into the game, it's just that the quality is so poor that you would never, ever want to keep listening. 
The game itself is not difficult at all. Your character regains health and magic when he's not fighting. Every time you got hurt, you just stood around for a little while. This could make for some boring wait-around moments. The real difficulty came from deciphering what the asinine game developers wanted you to do next, and reading the unusable map to get to places. 
Game Mechanics: 
The controls are simple enough. Point and click. Right click for spells, Left click to attack, like any other Action CRPG. The leveling up system didn't allow you to tweak any part of the character, at least not in the part that I played. I know when I'm having a good time with a game.  When the game flows and I lose all contact with all that is real for that brief playtime. I also know when a game is bad, when I have no interest in finishing it. Siege of Avalon Anthology is a game that has a good story, but the game play falls far short of the story's lofty expectations. It would indeed have been a better novel than game. If you're looking for a good RPG, stay far, far away. 
Minimum System Requirements: 
Pentium 2 450 Mhz, 4x Cd ROM, 40Mb HD space, 64 Mb ram, 4 Mb Video Ram, Sound Card, Keyboard, Mouse mount/install play
 Free Download Siege of Avalon Anthology 2000 PC Game

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