Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12.0.756 (64 bit) Free Download

Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12.0.756
Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12.0.756
Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12.0.756 (64 bit) Free Download
Make Hollywood-style movies faster and easier. Import and edit HD and stereoscopic 3D files, use compositing and color-correction tools, apply 5.1 surround sound mixing, and more. Deliver your movies any way you want. With its inviting interface, intuitive workflow, and impressive editing tools, Movie Studio Platinum puts professional-grade moviemaking right at your fingertips.
Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12.0.756 (64 bit) Free Download
Capture the action - You've shot video on your Bloggie®, Handycam, GoPro®, and phone, and now you want to bring all the clips together and make a movie. Easy! Import multiple file types into Movie Studio Platinum and edit them on the same timeline. Sort the imported clips to decide which work best in your project

New ways to share - Publish movies to Pixelcast™ without ever leaving the application! Construct a video or slideshow of your vacation, a family event, or a get together with friends. 

Easy project creation - Start your project out right. Use the New Project dialog to ensure that each project is set up with the exact settings you need to produce stunning movies, every time. 

Sounds and titles - Round out your movie with exciting soundtracks and beautiful titles. Import your own music from CD or MP3, record instruments directly into the program, or select from the 20 included Sony Sound Series: Production Music audio files to create the perfect music bed. 

Up the excitement - Boost colors, apply slow motion, or add other effects to enhance any video project. 

Transitions and dissolves - From standard dissolves to sensational 3D, add artistic style between scenes with video transitions. Change the duration of each transition with a simple drag of the video or audio event.

Build something great - Add up to 20 video and 20 audio tracks to each Movie Studio Platinum project. Create a movie with multiple video layers for compositing or picture-in-picture-style scenes. 

What's New in Version 12.0 (Build 755/756)
  1. Added support for burning 3D projects to Blu-ray Disc: use the 3D Blu-ray settings in the New Project Wizard to create a new project, and use Tools > Burn Disc > Blu-ray Disc settings to burn your 3D project to a Blu-ray 3D Disc.
  2. Added Anchor point setting to the Titles & Text plug-in. Text now scales relative to the anchor point, which does not move.
  3. File Open dialogs have been updated to allow you to browse and open files from mobile devices.
  4. Fixed a crash that could occur when working with certain files with the maximum file name length allowed in Windows.
  5. Fixed a bug that could cause the incorrect clip to be added to your project after capturing from an HDV camera.
  6. Fixed a bug that could exit 3D full-screen preview when the mouse was clicked. On glassless 3D systems, this could corrupt the display until full-screen preview was re-enabled.
  7. Fixed a bug that could cause the first frame of an MVC file to appear briefly at the end when previewing the file from the Explorer window.
  8. Fixed a bug that could — in some circumstances — prevent the application from starting after registering.
  9. Fixed a bug that could prevent the application from being uninstalled properly.
  10. Fixed a bug that could require you to re-enter your serial number after updating the software.
  11. Fixed a bug that could cause image sequences to have black frames in Video Preview and rendered output after zooming in with the Event Pan/Crop plug-in and time compressing.
  12. Fixed a bug that prevented the application from prompting to associate the .vf file type with Movie Studio.
System Requirements

The following lists the minimum system requirements for using Sony Creative Software Inc. Movie Studio software:

1. Microsoft® Windows Vista™ SP2, Windows 7, or Windows 8
2. 2 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD or stereoscopic 3D)
3. 400 MB hard-disk space for program installation
4. 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
5. OHCI-compatible IEEE-1394DV card (for DV capture and print-to-tape)
6. USB 2.0 connection (for importing from AVCHD or DVD camcorders)
7. Supported NVIDIA or AMD GPU:
NVIDIA : Requires a CUDA-enabled GPU and driver 270.xx or later.
8. GeForce GPUs: GeForce GTX 4xx Series or higher (or GeForce GT 2xx Series or higher with driver 285.62 or later).
8. Quadro GPUs: Quadro 600 or higher (or Quadro FX 1700 or higher with driver 285.62 or later).
Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12.0.756 (64 bit) Free Download

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