Urdu Inpage 2011 Free Download

Urdu Inpage 2011
Urdu Inpage 2011 Free Download
Urdu Inpage is an extremely powerful publishing software that handles Urdu, Arabic, Persian, English and other language with level of ease and harmony never achieved before. Built on a robust proprietary state-of-the-art multilingual engine, InPage Urdu provides for complete flexibility for utilization of all these language, whether they are used separately, side-by-side or fully-integrated in your document.
Urdu Inpage 2011 Free Download
Based on the universally acclaimed Noorinastaliq font, InPage Urdu offer WYSIWYG display of Urdu in nastaliq script. This enables you to layout your documents accurately, aesthetically and in double quick time.
With InPage Urdu, you have finally found the software package that combines the power and flexibility of desktop publishing with the calligraphic beauty of Nastaliq script.
Features Text
  1.  Unicode Text Export/Import.
  2. Automatic Kerning in Nastaliq text so as to remove extra interword space to give a calligrapher style outlook to the text.
  3. Automatic Kashida Insertion for Arabic fonts
  4. Spell Check for Urdu language
  5. Spell Check for English – UK & US
  6. Word Count/Character Count for the selected text chain
  7. Indexing and Table of Contents of English and Urdu Text
  8. Wrap around of text around Circular objects
  9. Paste Special
  10. Rotation of text at any angle
  11. Sorting of Urdu and English Text
  12. Drag and Drop of Text
Object Features
  1. Linking/Unlinking of Text boxes
  2. Automatic lines between textbox columns
  3. Round Textbox
  4. Styles of Borders
  5. Paste Special
  6. Rotation of object at any angle
  7. Polygon Tool
  8. Rotation of Picture boxes and pictures
  9. Grouping and Ungrouping of Objects
  10. Complete support for OLE as a client
  11. Complete support for InPage Urdu as an OLE server
Picture Features
  1. Brightness and Contrast Controls of Pictures
  2. Mirror of Pictures
  3. Centering of Pictures
  4. Pictures Preview before opening them
  5. CMYK Color Separation by exporting the page as CMYK EPS file.
  6. Support for Kashmiri, Pushtu and Hazargi Languages.
  1. Multiple User Defined Keyboards
  2. Support for CMYK colors
  3. Automatic Backup of document files
  4. Generation of more than one backup files
  5. Many more border/line patterns
  6. Complete support for inserting OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) objects.
  7. Many More Fonts.
Urdu Inpage 2011 Free Download
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Urdu Inpage 2011 Free Download
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