Fifa 2005 Game

Fifa 2005
Fifa 2005 PC Game
Fifa 2005 PC Game: Sports: A quality first touch in the 2005 FIFA key to success. With all new fluid player kinetic system, your reaction time world player of the largest direct translation speed. 

EA Fifa 2005 Game Free Download Full Version For Pc

A great first touch allows your network, ball control and speed Use space to knock it on the head of a defender dust, splash and spectacular goals. More than 350 official team and league licenses, an expanded career mode, create a new zone that you tournament players and allows you to customize the 2005 FIFA only complete, authentic, and intelligent soccer experience
FIFA 2005 Games Control Keys
  1.     Arrow Keys move player
  2.     E Key sprint
  3.     C + Z Key activate IGM
  4.     S Key pass, header
  5.     S + Q Key through ball
  6.     D Key shot, header, volley, clearance
  7.     Q + D Key chip shot
  8.     D + C Key fake shot
  9.     A Key lob, cross
  10.     A + Q Key early cross
  11.     A Key (twice) low hard cross
  12.     W Key through ball
  13.     W + Q Key lobbed through ball
  14.     Shift Key + Arrow Keys skill moves, first touch
  15.     ESC Key pause game
  1.     Arrow Keys move player
  2.     S Key switch player
  3.     D Key (hold) tackle
  4.     A Key sliding tackle
  5.     W Key keeper charge
  6.     E Key sprint
  7.     ESC Key pause game

  •     Arrow Keys move, aim kick or throw
  •     S Key throw
  •     A or D Key high kick
  •     W Key drop ball
System Requirements
Windows XP
Processor 3 1.5Ghz
HDD Space 1Gb free
65-128 Mb Card Graphics Nvidia/ATI Compatible
DirectX Compatible Sound
DirectX: 9b

Fifa 2005 Full Version Pc Game Free Download

Fifa 2005 Free Download Pc Game Full Version
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